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Are you ready to start? If you found this website and read this far, this is your sign that positive change is on the way. You just need to take a small step to get started and I’ll help you with the rest.

I offer different paths to meet you where you are so you’re set up for the best possible outcomes. Learn more about my services, which one is best for you and how to get started below. Trust your intuition – that inner wisdom or gut feeling – to guide you and choose the path that resonates with you most.

Which Path is Best for You?

Energy Rapport™ Coaching

This unique combination of 1 on 1  personalized coaching, inner discovery, and energetic alignment clarifies your true desires & goals, removes obstacles that are blocking your results and ignites your inherent potential for success.

Who's It For:

These sessions offer personalized support and guidance in making progress on your goals, desires and dreams. Some examples of what clients are seeking support with include: more progress and improvement in 1 or more life areas like career, relationships, health & wellbeing, finances or spiritual development; support and coping strategies for overwhelming emotions like anxiety, sadness, worry or anger; regaining energy and vitality; reducing stress levels, preventing  burnout and finding a better work-life balance; or feeling more in control of their lives and overall wellbeing. 

Energy Rapport™ Coaching is unique in that it includes not only life and intuitive coaching, but also root-cause healing at the subconscious and energetic levels to address fragmented or wounded parts, limiting beliefs and energetic blocks. Lots of big words to say we heal the invisible inner things you probably aren’t aware of, that continue to prevent you from achieving your goals, dreams and desires.

Energy Rapport™ Coaching is best for anyone looking to see significant beneficial change in their lives, to find relief from unnecessary struggling and suffering, in a supportive and easy way, and much faster than on their own. .  

You must be ready and willing to embrace this transformational journey because Coaching is a shared partnership between Coach and Client, and you’ll be more engaged with things like home practice, assessments to understand yourself better, and self-reflection as compared to the relaxing and receptive qualities of an Integration & Vitality session. I tell clients that are too overwhelmed, burnt out or busy to undertake a coaching session and its more active needs, to start with Integration and Vitality sessions to make the space and give you the energy to take on more, like Energy Rapport™ Coaching at some future time.

energy healing

Energy Rapport™  Integration & Vitality Sessions

Experience deep relaxation and effective relief of stress, discomfort and other ailments as your body and mind return to their natural state of peace and wellbeing. Receive gentle support for powerful results on your healing journey.

Who's It For:

These sessions offer tailored support to charge up your energy battery so you can start feeling better quickly as harmony, balance and flow of vital energy is provided. 

Maybe you’re grappling with chronic stress, exhaustion, long-term pain, discomfort or your energy feels drained or “feels off”, and you need to receive healing now as you regain your balance and strength. You may be too overwhelmed, burnt out or just not ready for an Energy Rapport™ Coaching commitment that’s more active and goal-focused. 

Or maybe you’re navigating the emotional turbulence of major life transitions (like marriage, divorce, death of loved one, career change, health scare, etc.), or simply seeking to enhance or maintain your overall health & wellbeing, these sessions provide gentle yet powerful support for integration and bringing you back to wholeness.

Regardless of your current state, the energetic reset, rebalancing and release of what’s stagnant or stuck that occurs during a session unifies and soothes very deeply.

Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions are designed for anyone seeking a rejuvenating experience with minimal effort required: you just need to be open, receptive and show up with an intention for the best possible outcome.

make groups a priority for more success in your life

Energy Rapport™  Community Experience: “The Haven”

Relieve burnout and melt away stress as you join this virtual community. We’ll meet monthly to decompress and strengthen your connection to your inner self, while resetting your energy system to support you best throughout the month.

Who's It For:

“The Haven” community offers a safe and peaceful way to experience and learn how to settle and strengthen your energy system, a.k.a. your nervous system, as you connect deeply with your inner self. 

Maybe you’re still exploring personalized 1 on 1 Energy Rapport™ Coaching or Energy Rapport™ Integration Vitality sessions, and want to sample the benefits of the Energy Rapport™ journey in a group setting. It’s a minimal commitment of time and money, and a great way to start off slowly as you seek to  regain more balance and strength in your life. 

Or maybe you’re looking to complement the other activities you’re currently doing for your personal development and wellbeing with something that fills up your oftentimes depleted battery with vital nurturing energy. “The Haven” can provide that additional support.

It’s for people looking for a group healing experience with like-minded others, as you share in the benefits of group synergy and more enhanced collective results.  

My Approach

My approach is to meet you where you are and help you feel supported along the way. Everyone is unique with different challenges, needs and desires so I’ve sharpened my ability to customize my services for each client. That’s why I offer 3 main services:

Energy Rapport™ Coaching,

Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions and

“The Haven” Community for group experiences

You may be in a place in your life where you need a more receptive and less active way to start feeling better; right now you’d get overwhelmed by adding coaching goals and homework to your busy daily schedule, although you may be ready for that in the near future. Or maybe you’re already working with a therapist, coach, doctor or other professional and want to complement that work with Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions or “The Haven” community; they’re a great addition and can enhance your current healing or personal development journey.

One of my favorite things about my work is sharing the intuitive guidance and information from the energetics of a session to provide awareness, clarity, and a strengthening of your own intuition. This beneficial info helps you “connect the dots” – to understand your healing journey on a conscious level so that you can support it in the choices and next steps you’ll take toward more freedom and joy in your day to day life. 

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