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I’ve always been fascinated by crystals, rocks, and minerals. As a child, I loved looking out the window of our car, as we drove by homes that had huge rocks and boulders in their yards, and dreaming of growing up to have my own rocks and boulders in my yard.

As I began to study and learn more about the topic, and have conversations to introduce people to crystal healing, I always mention the following main points because they’re very helpful in understanding the concept.

The use of crystals for healing purposes has been around for millennia, it’s not a new concept at all, or a “New Age” invention. Ancient civilizations used crystals to heal and enhance emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.

The blue stone lapis lazuli and other crystals have been used in burial rites and found in Egyptian tombs. Ancient Romans and Greeks intuitively knew that the energies of the stones interact with our human electromagnetic field to bring about changes, and used crystals to protect themselves in battle with amulets and talisman or by rubbing crushed crystals on their bodies, respectively. Many cultures including ancient Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans, and Hindus used various crystals in healing rituals and for spiritual advancement.

Scientific discoveries over the past century are changing the way we think about the roles of crystals. Crystals are a critical component in communication, information storage, solar power and laser applications in industry. For example, quartz crystals are common in devices like cell phones, TV receivers, and watches and clocks.

A ruby crystal was part of the first laser developed in the early 1960s and laser-related advances in communications have provided a new means of transmitting large quantities of info over great distances via fiber-optic cables. And we’ve got liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in our TVs and computer monitors.

We’re seeing advancements in the field of medicine as well. While today’s science can’t always explain precisely why or how crystals and crystal healing work, those who have experienced healing after being treated with crystals can’t deny that there are real improvements in their emotional, mental and physical health.

Crystal healing is a type of vibrational therapy. Crystals have the ability to shift and alter the frequencies of other objects or bodies when they occupy the same space.

Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, including crystals and the human body – we call this vibration of an object its Dominant Oscillary Rate, or DOR. Because crystals are firm and geometrically perfect, compared to our bodies and the DOR of our bodies that are not geometrically perfect, crystals entrain, or oscillate, the energy that is put near them.

That’s the basis for how crystal healing works: crystals are placed near or on the body and the body will begin to oscillate, or vibrate, at the same frequency as that crystal. This new vibrational field affects the nervous system and stimulates biochemical shifts that impact physical health in a positive, healing way.

It increases coherence in the body, meaning that your heart, brain and other organs sync up. Have you ever felt out of sync, just not right? Or something stressful happens and it feels like you’ve been thrown off balance? That’s why people wear crystals or carry them in their pockets, to provide that harmonizing vibration all the time.

There are many other practical applications for the different varieties of crystals and crystal healing. You can meditate with crystals – holding them in your hands or placing on or near your body during meditation.

In addition to carrying or wearing crystals, they are used in crystal baths, crystal elixirs, for protection from electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, and in crystal grids in homes and offices to transmute, protect and amplify energy.

Crystal grid on my desk

There’s a huge variety of crystals with over 4,500 types of minerals from mother earth and each crystal has different subtle energetic properties common to its geometric class, color, hardness level, different vibrational frequencies, and unique healing properties.

I create numerous crystal grids in my home and office, and by using a variety of crystals in these grids or in crystal body layouts for client sessions, benefit from each crystal’s unique properties that combine to amplify the energetic potential of the single crystal into a more potent healing tool.

To learn more, follow Energy Rapport on social media (@energyrapport). Or check out the many books that have been written about crystals and crystal healing. One of my favorites is The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.


Photo by Kira Auf der Heide on Usplash