Apologizing Too Much? Try This Gratitude Experiment

Apologizing Too Much? Try This Gratitude Experiment

I recently shared a post on facebook of something I heard about years ago. It was a good reminder – and something I want you to try – I call it a Gratitude Experiment.

Lately I’ve been noticing myself and others saying “I’m sorry” a lot, almost out of habit, or from trying to be nice or to please others.

Let’s try an experiment: replace the words “I’m Sorry” with “Thank You” – for example, if you arrive late, instead of saying “Sorry, I’m late,” say “Thank you for your patience.”

I was at a new grocery store with very tight aisles last weekend, and you couldn’t move 5 feet without getting in someone’s way. I must have said “sorry” at least a dozen times. Instead I could have said “thank you”.

This is a very subtle and easy way to change how you think about yourself and others, and it sends a positive message rather than a negative one: a message of gratitude.  

I’m going to try this experiment this month and see how things change. So far I’ve felt better about myself, and more positive. If you hear yourself saying “sorry” a lot too, give this a try.