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Why You Need Energy Healing If You Have Chronic Pain

Why You Need Energy Healing If You Have Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is debilitating, and impacts every area of life – ask anyone that has it.

Not only is it a burden to your physical wellbeing, but it impacts your emotional and mental health as well. You feel different when in pain, less energetic, maybe even short-tempered or angry. For me, I felt and acted like a different person when in pain.

When I was very ill and had osteoarthritis along with other physical complications, I was miserable, but kept pushing ahead thinking one of these days I’d begin to feel better. I wasn’t happy, and definitely wasn’t enjoying life.

I had to cancel plans all the time. I couldn’t know how I would be feeling, some days were better than others, but because I couldn’t count on how I would feel, many times I just declined invitations in advance rather than cancelling last minute.

People close to me were understanding, but I did lose some close friends at the time who took my actions personally without considering what I was going through. I suppose that’s why we go are given these challenges in life, to learn and gain a clearer understanding of what’s important – and who is important – in your life.

Most people manage chronic pain through medication, just like I did initially. But it is also possible to reduce or eliminate your pain level through energy healing sessions. I wish I found energy healing sooner in my healing journey.

I suffered for almost 2 years addressing just the physical aspects of my illness, with conventional doctors, medication, etc. After only a few energy healing sessions, I began to experience a shift and after months of the energy healing combined with more holistic approach by my new naturopathic doctor, that’s when the symptoms and pain began to decrease.

Energy healing triggers the relaxation response in your physical body, releasing the energetic blocks stored in the body’s energy field, resulting in decreased stress levels and increased immune response. This is key to resolving chronic pain and other chronic issues that have manifested in the physical body over time.

And energy healing sessions balance not only the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of you. It supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself and resolve imbalances on all of these levels.

It’s an integrative healing approach that looks at the whole person, including the mind, body, and spirit. The focus is on getting to the root cause contributing to chronic pain.

Another benefit of energy healing is that it can increase the efficacy of other types of healing modalities. It’s a safe complement to other types of medical and therapeutic treatments including Western medicine, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and homeopathy.

Here’s a list of the benefits of energy healing:

Energy Healing Benefits

Many people with long-term conditions say that they have learned to “live with their pain.” During my health challenges, I thought the same.

Do you think that too many people have resigned themselves to living with pain that could be relieved? Are you one of those people? If so, maybe it’s time to pursue energy healing.


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My Journey: How an Overstressed HR Manager Became an Energy Healing Practitioner

My Journey: How an Overstressed HR Manager Became an Energy Healing Practitioner

I often get asked how and why I got into energy healing work. I apparently seem normal enough, whatever that means. How do you go from an excellent student who loves to learn, growing up attending Catholic school and church, and who went into Human Resources career with a Psychology degree and MBA so she can help people, to now being a transformational life coach and energy expert and practitioner who still loves to help people improve their lives?

Let me take you back to my intro to energy healing, as a grateful recipient. About 8 years into my career after college, I became very ill. I was overstressed and like many other people who were brought up the way I was, I suffered through it.

We didn’t make a big deal about anything. Work was important, making a good living and being successful was important – even at the risk of your health. You just dealt with it and pushed through it.

Well, my body wasn’t having any of that. I went to numerous doctors, took the meds and advice they provided, but wasn’t getting better. This went on for about 18 months – with no official diagnosis and no real solution, only band-aids to treat the symptoms – antibiotics and steroids – which made the situation progressively worse.

Then a friend suggested I see someone for energy healing work. I had no idea what that meant, but I was desperate, nothing else was working and I needed to feel better. Energy healing affects the whole person, your mind, your physical body, and your spirit.

It came to me at just the right time. Not only was my body shutting down, my mental and emotional states were going downhill fast. And I had no connection to spirit – to my intuition, to trusting my gut instinct regarding what choices and paths forward were best for me to take.

I went for energy healing regularly – every 2-3 weeks and slowly began to heal. As I felt better, choices became clearer, next steps appeared. A new naturopathic doctor I went to finally diagnosed my disease, now at least we knew what we were dealing with. It was acute onset Sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affected my lungs, with symptoms including shortness of breath, fatigue, night sweats, aching arthritis in most of my joints and painful red growths on my shins.

Working with this doctor, we started a more natural and holistic healing approach, continuing the energy work, and adding healing foods and supplements into my diet and more balance in my work life.

If I was going to completely heal I had to learn how to better manage my stress, not just ignore it or push through it. My symptoms eventually went away, and I continued with energy work for maintenance on a monthly basis.

Fast forward about 10 years, I’m living in a new state and am in another demanding HR position and I can feel things are getting unbalanced and stressful. I found a massage therapist who was also a Reiki Master Teacher and I decided to take a Reiki class with her, so that I can use the energy healing of Reiki on myself, as a tool to help reduce my stress.

And it worked for a while, until things got even more hectic at work and I stopped my regular energy self-healing. A few more years of that, and I’m in the most toxic and hopeless position in my career for about a year, and my body decided to take over again. One of the painful growths from the sarcoidosis appeared on my shin again.

Oh, I was not going to go through all that pain and suffering again. I took a medical leave from that position, and part of my recovery included taking additional energy healing classes.

Now I’ve incorporated energy healing into my business, calling in Energy Rapport and it’s all about helping others recognize and connect to energy to start feeling better and create a life they love.

I took my own disease and suffering and now facilitate energy healing to help others who are ready to heal, whether it be from chronic conditions, surgery, serious illnesses, major life circumstances (divorce, death of a loved one, etc.) or other emotional and mental struggles. You can learn more at my website here.

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