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Five Reasons Your Dog May Need Energy Treatment Sessions

Five Reasons Your Dog May Need Energy Treatment Sessions

Dogs are really in tune with energy, definitely more than us humans.

And if you’re paying attention, you see it in them every day. You can see when your dog’s energy is high – think of them running around at the dog park, or protecting the house from the delivery truck driver.

My dogs can go from napping on the couch to full-on, alert, at the window barking when they hear someone on the front porch; from peaceful and calm to high energy and on task, doing their jobs to protect the house. I always thank them for doing such a good job!

And then you can see when your dog’s energy is low, when they’re sick and not feeling well it’s very obvious; they move slower, tail is down and no wagging.

Or maybe you see that low energy when they’ve had a fun but exhausting day at doggie day care or on a long hike with you – and they can barely keep their eyes open on the car ride home.

So, just like us, dogs experience different things during the day and it has an impact on their energy system. If these things happen to be negative, and happen a lot, like chronic stress, it may lead to imbalances and other chronic issues and possibly cause behavioral problems too.

As a Reiki Master I provide energy treatment sessions that are deeply relaxing – my clients (both people and dogs) typically get very calm and peaceful and many fall asleep during a session.

In this soothing session, clients receive the rebalancing of energy that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself on all levels – emotionally, mentally and physically.

There are so many benefits to energy healing sessions, and once things improve in one area I typically see other areas improving as well.

Here are five reasons that your dog may need the benefits of having energy treatments:

  1. Your dog has behavioral issues related to too much stress. It could be from something currently stressing her out or maybe she’s a rescue and has a previous history of abuse.
  2. Your dog has chronic physical ailments or is always getting sick for no obvious reason – kind of like people who are out of balance and always seem to be the first ones to get sick when they are around others who have a cold or the flu.
  3. Your dog has abandonment issues and high anxiety, especially when you leave the house, or even leave the room. He may act out by whining, pacing, barking or destroying furniture.
  4. Your dog is going in for surgery. Energy treatments before and after surgery can help reduce anxiety, minimize pain levels, and support a speedy recovery time.
  5. You’re about to go on an extended vacation or business trip, and your dog will be in a different environment with a different routine, like at a boarding facility or having pet sitters around instead of you being there. Dogs like routines and this can be very disturbing for them – they may not eat well or show other signs of being stressed. Energy treatments before and after your trip can be very beneficial.

If one of these describe you and your dog’s situation, and you’d like a safe, natural, non-invasive technique to reduce stress and balance energy, try energy treatments. They are not a substitute for medical treatment, but they complement medical treatments like surgery or other procedures well; and they are very beneficial for natural relief of stress and anxiety.

Imagine how you would feel if your dog’s anxiety and stress lessened or went away completely, if her physical ailments improved, and if she was happier and more confident and content?

One more thing: I find that providing energy treatments to dogs helps their human companions too. Yes, that’s you, the pet parents.

Pet parents and their dogs often mirror each other’s emotional and physical states, and as you see improvements in your dog you may notice your improvements in your life too.

Wouldn’t it feel great knowing that you are caring for your dog in a way that comforts, supports, and benefits your dog’s mind, body and spirit?

Leave a comment below about your experiences with energy treatments for your dog; it’ll be helpful for others to read about, especially if this is a new option they’re considering.