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Top 5 Crystals for More Prosperity and Abundance

Top 5 Crystals for More Prosperity and Abundance

Prosperity and abundance – who wouldn’t want to have more?  Prosperity may mean different things to different people: comfort, security, wellbeing, success, wealth, health, or great relationships. The definition of prosperity includes not just wealth, but happiness and health and peace and love – what we all strive for in this life.

I’d like to share my top 5 crystals for more prosperity and abundance. IF you’re new to crystal healing energy, you can learn more about crystals and crystal healing here.

The first crystal for prosperity and abundance is Amethyst. Not only is it a favorite of mine because it’s my birthstone (February) but it is a general purpose stone and useful for so many things. I like it for prosperity because it’s a stone of success, change, being in the flow, and choices being made easier. Plus the gorgeous purple color is a show stopper. Check out some of the different types of amethyst like banded amethyst, black amethyst, and ametrine (amethyst-citrine combined).

Jade has been a lucky stone in China for thousands of years. It supports abundance, harmony and happiness in business and family relationships.  We often see Buddhas made of jade with their smiling faces reminding us of the joy in life.

Jade also helps stimulate the flow of energy through the physical body and is a good stone for protection, balance, harmony and good luck – making it the perfect stone to wear as jewelry or keep a piece in your pocket. It’s been noted that the message of Jade is to “love and accept yourself” so if you’re having any challenges in this area, a piece of Jade might be just for you.

Green Aventurine is another beautiful green stone that symbolizes vitality, growth, confidence and hope. It is in the quartz family and can range in color from dark green to light green. As with other green stones, it works well to balance the heart chakra and to no surprise, helps with healing and moving forward in life. If I meet someone new to crystals and crystal healing, I always recommend they have green aventurine because it’s a great healer of many ailments and it’s all about vitality and prosperity and growth.

Emerald is another green healing stone and can be found inexpensively in its rough state so you don’t need to invest in an expensive emerald ring or pendant. I have a small piece in my Prosperity and Abundance grid pictured here. Emerald is primarily about love and compassion. It is definitely heart-centered yet also works well to encourage actions that lead to abundance, worthiness and wealth, in a very gentle way.

And the last of my top five for prosperity and abundance is Green Fluorite. I love it because it harmonizes the heart with the mind so that your thoughts, words and actions are aligned to your heart energy. “Lead with your heart”, or “what is your heart telling you to do” – are just of couple of things to keep in mind or say to yourself when making choices, especially important ones, and green fluorite helps support that.

Green fluorite is also helpful in clearing away mental confusion or mental fogginess. I like it as a prosperity and abundance stone because it provides order and structure to ideas, concepts and energies so that they become reality. In that way green flourite is great for creative types who may need support in bringing their creativity to existence.

Do you have any other crystals in your top 5 for prosperity and abundance? Let us know in the comments.


Photo by Kathy Zering – Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Grid