Our days are long and external stressors are rampant, meanwhile our bodies are screaming for our attention. We work hard, we take care of our friends and family, we honor our commitments and… we’re tired. 

In addition to our personal lives, we have the outside world leaning in. Media shouting. Bad news around every corner. It’s daunting. 

So how do we manage our stress and avoid burn-out with all these extreme energies around us?

First let’s look at the three main types of stress we encounter regularly. 

Eustress, the good stress. 

Distress, not good. 

And finally, chronic stress which is the worst type. 

And unlike today’s glorious ways of gamification and reaching for more and more, in this case, the goal is to be in a  manageable and empowered state, and to experience more of Eustress.

The two other types of stress, on the other hand, will have you feeling out of sorts and not like yourself. You’ll be tired all the time, moody, or frustration comes easy – and there are real reasons for it! 

These signs are a gift from your body. Your body is trying to tell you to take action and if you don’t things are going to get much worse.

So let’s take a closer look at each type of stress a little closer in my video below. 

Plus I’ll show how to understand and radically shift your energy with ease. These are simple techniques you can work into your day right now to start feeling relief.

There’s a great resource that accompanies this video, Top 5 Stress & Burn-Out Remedies Cheat Sheet. This is an easy to use reference you can keep in your purse, on your wall at your desk, anywhere that you need so you can quickly check in with yourself. Get your copy here. You’ll also receive the complete Energy Kit Series with my top ways to drop the stress and start feeling better now!!

How do you manage stress every day? Which of the five techniques are you going to try first? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!