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energy sessions

For anyone who’s looking for relaxation and natural relief of emotional, mental and physical ailments

Energy Sessions

An Energy session is a relaxation technique that helps release stress & promote your body’s natural healing abilities. Commonly reported benefits include decreased pain, ease of muscle tension, improved sleep & improved mental clarity.

For your best results and to best serve you, we offer in-office (greater Charlotte, NC (Huntersville/LKN)) energy programs that combine various modalities including Reiki energy, crystal energy, infrared and negative ions, and intuitive feedback for those who are serious and ready to start feeling better. 

For more information on our programs and to see if they would be a good fit for your current challenges, please click here to send a message and we’ll be back in touch. 


In-Office Energy Sessions

During a typical energy session with me, you’re resting on a massage table, fully clothed and comfortable. Soothing music is playing in the background, and aromatherapy is used to add to your relaxation if you’re ok with us using essential oils.

As you take some deep breaths and close your eyes, I use gently touch or near-touch to trigger your body’s relaxation response and natural healing processes.

You may feel sensations in your body, like heat, or cold, or tingling, or energy movement similar to that feeling when your muscle twitches.

Or you might feel nothing at all except deeply relaxed – don’t be surprised if you get so relaxed that you fall asleep, many of my clients do.

Bottom line is, you’ll get what you uniquely need – and it may vary from session to session depending on what you need that particular day.

Emotional or mental releases can occur too – during and sometimes days after an Energy session. It’s all part of the healing process and releasing those blocks that you don’t need anymore, to get you closer to that state of complete wellness.

Virtual Energy Sessions

If you aren’t located near Huntersville, NC, and don’t have any plans to visit the Charlotte NC area (you really should, it’s a nice place to visit), virtual sessions are ideal.

Or, if you’re too sick or unable to travel for some reason, or you just like the convenience of being in your own home during an energy session, this is your best option.

With virtual sessions, we’ll connect via webmeeting. You’ll relax in the comfort of your home or someplace where you won’t be disturbed for the next hour.

The virtual session is similar to the in-office session as far as activating of the relaxation response and you feeling the same sensations like heat, or cold, or tingling, or energy movement similar to that feeling when your muscle twitches.  

Whether in-office or virtual, you’ll find energy sessions are equally effective. It’s a matter of personal preference and what works best for you.

What’s Energy? What’s Reiki Energy?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) energy is universal life force energy – it’s the energy that exists in all living things.

When this energy within you is low, stagnant or unbalanced, you may ‘feel off”. For example, you may have recurring sinus infections or get sick a lot, you may have chronic pain or a chronic illness, or you may suffer from non-physical issues like depression, anxiety, or poor relationships.

An energy session is a technique that focuses and balances this energy within you, triggers the relaxation response in your body and promotes the body’s natural healing abilities.

Energy sessions are effective because they helps on multiple levels: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Many clients like it because they may initially be focused on improving a physical issue, but then find other areas of their lives have improved too, like performance at work, self-confidence, emotional wellbeing  and feeling more empowered!

Energy sessions are an excellent form of preventative care, and can help support your journey to wellness if you experience headaches, anxiety, pain, chronic illness, poor sleep, tension or other challenges.

Even after initial issues become non-issues, many clients continue to receive regular treatments once or twice a month to ensure they are staying balanced, healthy and happy.

Some clients, and this was the case for me initially, learn energy healing so they can provide daily treatments to themselves, and also to family, friends, and pets.

I’m a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Certified Crystal Practitioner and I teach Reiki energy classes (more about me here). 

Anyone – including you – can learn Reiki energy, and it’s a very useful tool to have in your toolbox, to use whenever you need it.  Learn more about Reiki energy classes here.

What Energy Is Not

Energy and Energy sessions are not massage – there is no kneading of muscles or physical manipulation, just gentle placing of hands on or above your body.

It’s not tied to any religion or a particular spiritual belief system.

It’s not tied to any specific country. Although Reiki originated in Japan and the word Reiki is Japanese and means “universal life force energy”, there are over 4 million practitioners across the globe that have studied it.

Most importantly, It’s not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. Energy sessions are a safe complement to conventional Western medicine, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and all other forms of healing.

Some medical practices may only treat the symptoms of a health issue or disease, and never fully address the root cause of the problem (a band aid approach).

Or some may not take a holistic approach which looks at physical along with mental or emotional states of the patient.

Energy sessions work in harmony with other kinds of treatment and can help clients by addressing the emotional, mental and physical issues that may be blocking you from achieving complete wellbeing.

Why Choose Energy Rapport for Your Energy Healing Programs?

Personal Insight

I became introduced to Energy sessions over 15 years ago during a serious illness where my body was shutting down, due to chronic stress from work and personal issues.

I understand what it’s like to suffer, to not feel well and at times hopeless. More importantly, I NOW KNOW how to quickly get back on the healing path for increased joy and wellbeing.

I provide that support, and get clients to see how they can continue to help themselves for a life of balanced mind, body and spirit.

Customized for You

I know people well from my background of working with people in Human Resources for 20 years and now as a Success & Life Coach, Energy Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher – teaching them, training them, advising them.

I’ve sharpened my ability to customize my services to each client, because each client is unique. 

Results Oriented

My 20 year career in Corporate and now as a small biz owner have uniquely positioned me to focus on results, and on my clients’ results.

You’re looking for a solution, something to help with whatever ailments or issues you may be experiencing.

I truly want to help as many people as I can, and there is nothing more satisfying to me than to see your progress over time, and to celebrate those wins with you.

Are you ready to celebrate more joy and wellbeing in your life?

Happy Clients

“Kathy has been extremely helpful with reducing my stress and being able to center myself. I have had continual problems with migraines which have been greatly reduced. I rarely have any headache pain. I am grateful for Kathy and the wonderful way I feel for weeks after our sessions. I do try to see her regularly to keep my headaches at bay and feeling good!”


Jodi W.

Charlotte NC, USA

“Kathy made me feel safe and comfortable during my Reiki session. She was able to help me release things that no longer needed to be a part of my life. My experience with her produced amazing results and I am grateful!!”

Tammy S.

Matthews, NC, USA

“Kathy is a very intuitive woman, who is very good at relaxing the mind and body also making you feel safe so you are able to release what no longer needs to be apart of you. She helped me during a very important time in my life and was able to open my chakras up so I could prevail! I highly recommend scheduling sessions with this amazing lady!”


Melanie M.

Concord, NC, USA