Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions

Experience deep relaxation and effective relief of stress, discomfort and other ailments as your body and mind return to their natural state of peace and wellbeing

Do any of these sound like you?

You tend to take care of everyone else first, not consciously realizing the greatest way to take care of others is to get yourself feeling your best by taking care of YOU first.

You're struggling with something right now like a relationship challenge, and this is the perfect opportunity to get support and healing to help you through it.

You’ve had chronic pain or illness for months or even years with little to no improvement despite “trying everything” to feel better.

You experience stress, anxiety or overwhelming emotions on a regular basis and are mentally exhausted most days.

You may not realize it, but your unhelpful thought pattern or limiting belief is “life is always hard”.

You’ve never tried energy healing work but have heard great things about it from colleagues, family or friends.

You don’t need to struggle alone anymore. Since you’re here reading this, take it as a sign that now is the right time for you to get some help  with your challenges. The kind of support that gets to the root cause of what’s troubling you.

Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions are the perfect combination of calming, peaceful comfort and powerful deep transformational healing.

If you’ve been struggling for weeks, months or even years with the same issues with little to no positive change, there’s a deeper energetic cause that’s not being addressed. It may feel like something is keeping you stuck – but you can’t figure it out. That’s where Energy Rapport™ with Kathy Zering can help.

As we align your energy, positive shifts come easily and quickly


Some of the benefits my clients have reported include: less stress and more peace in everyday life, better sleep, decreased pain levels, increased energy levels, a more relaxed body and mind, improvement in chronic health conditions, improvement in overall health and well-being, feeling more focused, calm & positive, improved relationships, feeling less worried and anxious, reduced overthinking, more clarity regarding life purpose and best actions to take, reduced body tension, resolved emotional distress, reduced headaches/migraines and body aches, and accelerated natural healing following injury or surgery.

How do Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions work?

At the core of Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions is the key principle of alignment, which refers to the harmonious balance and flow of vital energy within the body. When this energy (often referred to as chi, qi, ki, prana or life force) is in balance and freely flowing through your body’s energy centers or meridians, a state of optimal health and well-being can be achieved. The concept of alignment is not only about your physical aspects but also your emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions – that’s what I mean by healing on all levels. Being in alignment promotes your innate healing processes and contributes to a sense of wholeness and vitality. 

What to expect during your session

Expect to feel deeply relaxed and calm. You may experience a wide range of sensations and feelings like tingling, heat, cold, pulsating, lightness, heaviness, or a gentle buzzing sensation in the areas being worked on during an Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Session. Emotional releases are possible too, showing up as tears, laughter or a deep sense of inner peace, feeling safe and unconditionally loved (what I call “blissed out”). Individual experiences can vary greatly, and not everyone feels dramatic sensations. Though I find it to be rare, some people may not perceive any specific sensations during the session other than being deeply relaxed and peaceful. They still experience positive effects afterward, like reduced stress, improved mood or enhanced well-being. 

Many of my clients also report gaining insights, clarity or a deeper understanding of their emotions, thoughts or life circumstances. The intuitive guidance and personalized beneficial information I share helps support your continued healing, growth and learning.  And if you happen to struggle with meditation or other mindfulness techniques, Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions help you become more aware of your body, breath and sensations, leading to a heightened sense of being present.

Virtual sessions for your convenience and comfort

Each Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Session is 60 minutes, conveniently conducted via Zoom. Zoom video is best although phone only using zoom is also an option. You’ll need a quiet, undisturbed space in the comfort of your  home or office and a good internet connection so we can connect virtually via laptop, PC or phone. My clients appreciate the convenience of virtual sessions so they can quickly and easily return to their busy lives without unnecessary stress, traffic or wasted time.  

2 ways to engage with Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions

(1) Schedule and pay per session, as needed for health & well-being maintenance or to heal & integrate during major transitions in your life (marriage, divorce, death of loved one, new job, work transition, health scare, etc.) Investment is $155/session, or 

(2) For cost savings and to support consistency and accountability of your health and well-being as a priority, a value 3 pack of sessions to be used within 6 months is available. Investment is $415 for a value 3 pack ($50 savings). Note: you can take advantage of the value 3 pack after your first single session. I’ll provide a recommendation on frequency based on how the first session goes and your particular challenges and desires for healing.

If you’re ready & willing to embrace the positive benefits of Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions & start feeling better on all levels, let’s begin this exciting journey now!

How To Get Started

Book Your Session

Enter your details and click the button below to be taken to my calendar to find a convenient time for your session & to prepay (Investment = $155).  



Complete Your Pre-Session Electronic Paperwork

If it’s your first session ever with me, look for an email from me within 1 business day (M-F) of booking your session.

Follow the instructions in the email and complete the e-forms at least 24 hours before your session start time.  It typically takes less than 5 minutes to review and complete the two forms.

Enjoy Your Session & Start Feeling Better

Block off your calendar for 60 minutes so we don’t get interrupted, silence your phone and join the zoom call a few minutes early. Make sure you’re in a quiet, undisturbed space in the comfort and safety of your own home or office; feel free to relax in a chair, couch, bed or other comfortable spot. A good internet connection so we can connect virtually via laptop, PC or phone is key.  Have a notebook & pen or another way to capture important info at the end. You’ll likely feel better than you have in a  long time.

Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions can help you:

break out of a long-term (months or years) rut that’s preventing you from realizing your ultimate dreams and desires, both professionally and personally, like promotions or career achievements and goals, receiving the accolades you deserve for your efforts, or regaining your health.

emotionally heal if you’ve recently suffered a loss, like a divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, or end of a relationship or friendship.

process big positive changes in your life that may have you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or fearful, like a new job, new marriage/relationship, new baby or big work event.

attract more happiness, peace and calm while reducing the stress, frustration and worry taking their toll on your overall well-being.

kickstart a project or end procrastination. A client happily told me "After our last session, I got 2 weeks of work done in a couple of days."

get better quality sleep, especially if you feel exhausted all the time and have been battling sleep issues for too long.

relieve physical aches and body pain that shows up randomly and regularly, with no obvious cause.

reconnect to your best, truest self when you've been feeling off and not quite right. The energetic reset, rebalancing and release of what's keeping you stuck that occurs during a session unifies and soothes very deeply.

My Approach

My approach is to meet you where you are and help you feel supported along the way. Everyone is unique with different challenges, needs and desires so I’ve sharpened my ability to customize my services for each client. That’s also why I offer Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions separately from my Energy Rapport™ Coaching.

You may be in a place in your life where you need a more receptive and less active way to start feeling better; right now you’d get overwhelmed by adding coaching goals and homework to your busy daily schedule, although you may be ready for that in the near future. Or maybe you’re already working with a therapist, coach, doctor or other professional and want to complement that work with Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions; they’re a great addition and can enhance your current healing or personal development journey.

I’m trained in and use various energy healing modalities and techniques to identify and address blockages, disruptions, or stagnations in your energy flow, restoring the alignment of your body and spirit to the vital life energy that heals and transforms you at the deepest levels. Examples of unhelpful stuck energy that I may release include limiting beliefs, past trauma, negative thoughts, unprocessed emotions, heart walls, disruptive patterns, energy blocks and energetic attachments. You’ll feel lighter and more expansive as these heavier energies are transmuted. 

One of my favorite things about my work is sharing the intuitive guidance and information from the energetics of a session to provide awareness, clarity, and a strengthening of your own intuition. This beneficial info helps you “connect the dots”…..to understand your healing journey on a conscious level so that you can support it in the choices and next steps you’ll take toward more freedom and joy in your day to day life. 

“I highly recommend Kathy for healing sessions. Kathy’s extensive knowledge of Energy Healing accounts for her outstanding ability to release negative energies and emotions. The result is a calmer, more peaceful and focused personal being and spiritual journey. During my first Energy session, Kathy also helped release a large energy block located in my head, where I had a pre-existing issue that caused painful headaches; my headaches have almost completely cleared now. Thank you Kathy.”

Linda M., Cornelius, NC

"Kathy has been extremely helpful with reducing my stress and being able to center myself. I had continual problems with migraines which have been greatly reduced. I rarely have any headache pain. I am grateful for Kathy and the wonderful way I feel for weeks after our sessions. I do try to see her regularly to keep my headaches at bay and feeling good!"

Jodi W., Huntersville, NC

“I went to bed earlier than usual the day of my session and actually slept through the night! I didn't wake up til almost 5am, and realized that I had stayed asleep on my back all night. I'm mainly a back sleeper, but I start to sleep on my side and move all my supporting pillows and such during the night when my lower back starts aching. My back felt completely good last night. I also felt at peace regarding an upcoming flight and trip that was possibly going to be canceled, and was able to support my friend as she stressed about it. Thank you for sharing your gifts Kathy!"

Stacy Joyce, Owner-Spinal Fusion Yoga, Cornelius, NC

“Kathy made me feel safe and comfortable. She was able to help me release things that no longer needed to be a part of my life. My experience with her produced amazing results and I am grateful!”

Tammy S., Matthews, NC

“After my last session with Kathy, I was able to get 2 weeks worth of work done in a couple of days! It was just the kickstart I needed.”

Kitty G., Huntersville, NC

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