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About Kathy Zering

Kathy Zering is a successful Intuitive Coach and the Creator of the Energy Rapport™ Method. After a fast-paced and demanding Corp HR career that ended with burnout and a serious medical issue, she recovered and now has a more fulfilling, balanced and happy life. Kathy’s painful and frustrating experience led her to the coaching and energy alignment she offers today so her clients can experience similar transformations.

Kathy helps people stop struggling, realize their full potential, and heal the root cause that’s holding them back from transforming into the improved version of themselves that resonates with their inner truth and heart’s certainty. Her clients learn how to connect to what matters most in life, love the increased energy and peace of mind they now have, and enjoy fulfilling and satisfying lives and careers. 

Kathy made me feel safe and comfortable during my sessions. She was able to help me release things that no longer needed to be a part of my life. My experience with her produced amazing results and I am grateful!!

Tammy S.