You know when you’re trying to integrate that new meditation into your daily routine, and you miss it… and in an instant, your mind is calling it a failure.

Or when you’re going for that interview and the nerves kick in, and there’s that anxiety and tightness in your belly.

Or even when you’re trying something new in your life, and you’re not instantly fabulous at it, so the shame and judgments start to sneak in.

This happens to all of us. And oftentimes, it happens on autopilot, without us even realizing what’s happening. 

But I’m not all bad news today 🙂 There’s simple ways you can turn these unhelpful thoughts around and actually empower yourself.

I’d like to show you exactly where to look, how to spot them, and what to do about these thoughts. In the video below, I offer up four simple steps, with examples and questions to ask yourself. 

I have a great resource that accompanies this video, The 4-Step Thought-Healing Process. It’s part of my Energy Kit. Get access to this process and the whole 5-part series right here.

If you  find yourself shoulding, coulding, and woulding – this video is a must-watch for you!