The Energy Kit:

Drop the stress and start feeling better now!

    Old-school common approaches for stress and overwhelm aren’t working!

    So what do you do!?!

    If you’re anything like I was years ago, you’ve tried conventional coaching and professional guidance (doctors, therapists, etc.) with limited or short-term results. Frustrating to say the least.

    Chronic stress, the not so silent killer, impacts every area of life. It feels like you’re moving in slow-motion, life is flying by, and your brain and body just can’t keep up like it used to.

    You’re beginning to lose hope.

    If you’re here, you know it’s time to change things before your “busy” habits catch up with you.

    You deserve to enjoy your life with a body and mind that performs their best. Every. Single. Day.

    How it Works…

    The Energy Kit is a 5-part series that surrounds you with supportive tools for halting stress before it takes over your day. Because, we’re ok until we’re not, right?

    You’re about to discover, design, and implement techniques designed to fit your unique schedule. You’ll customize everything so it’s meaningful and enjoyable for you.

    And best yet, you’ll take years off the learning curve! Yep, it’s like stepping onto the express lane as you lean on my 10+ years of experience.

    The Energy Kit comes down to 5 simple steps…

    Stress and Burn-Out Remedies

    Days are long and external stressors are rampant, meanwhile your body is screaming for your attention. If you’re not feeling your normal self – tired all the time, moody, and frustration comes easy – there’s real reasons for it! This video will show how to understand and radically shift your energy with ease.

    Plus, receive my Top 5 Stress & Burn-Out Remedies Cheat Sheet!

    In the Moment Thought-Healing Strategies

    The way you talk to yourself matters. Thought-healing, or mental hygiene, is essential to your wellbeing. Experience how you can harness the power of your thoughts and make significant improvements at any given moment with four simple questions.

    An Energy Healing Experience

    Your body is a powerful vessel and with this video you’re going to experience something special, maybe even for the first time. Listen in as I guide you into a relaxed state that energy healing provides. If you’re new to energy healing modalities, like Reiki or meditation, this is a great introduction to energetic stress reducers.

    The Simple Morning Ritual for Busy Schedules

    Before the outside world calls upon you to play the various roles of your day-to-day life, it’s vital you take time for yourself. Set the tone for the day with a simple structure to beat the overwhelm before it even has a chance! I’ll walk you through a quick 5-minute option and if you already have a practice, there’s some great options to enhance your current routine.

    The Epic Energy Solution

    This is made of two equal parts. I walk you through each side of the solution and explain how they support each other to breakthrough subconscious resistance and finally get back to your natural state. If you’ve tried other ways to get your happiness back to no avail, or if you can’t escape your frustrations, then this solution could be the key to unlocking the peaceful, comfortable, and abundant state you desire.

    What would change in your life if you could take back control of your happiness and stop the suffering?

    Yes, Please!

      Hi, I’m Kathy Z!

      I’m so glad you’re here!

      I’m a Certified Life Coach and Energy Guide and survivor of a serious medical scare, that for years, was undiagnosable and untreatable by conventional medicine. This painful and frustrating experience led me to the coaching and energy work I offer today. And I’m happy to report that at the perfect pace, I regained my health and wellbeing.

      In addition to many coaching certifications and business accreditations, I’m also a a certified Reiki Master Teacher and proficient in various energy healing techniques and modalities. I meet clients where they are and help them connect to their intuition and energy, building a close and harmonious relationship, a rapport, with this oftentimes overlooked resource or inner power.

      Whether you’re suffering from a debilitating disease like I was, or you need help with anxiety, stress, or emotional challenges – or maybe you’re looking for ways to maintain your optimal wellbeing – the modalities offered with Energy Rapport™ Coaching + Energy provide real and sustainable solutions.

      Now let’s celebrate more freedom, fun and wellbeing in your life!

      I’d Love Nothing More Than To Help YOU Radically Shift Your Energy To Create A Balanced Life in mind, body and spirit!

      I know all too well the fear, anxiety and non-stop thoughts of despair and that’s why I’m releasing this series. I talked to western medicine doctors, I was beyond burnout, and I handed my power over to “gurus” I thought could show me the way to more peace, health and freedom. I learned so much along the way, of what works well, and as importantly, what doesn’t. 

      I’m going to surround you with as much support as possible through this entire series. You’ll not only receive bite-size steps to feel relief fast, but I’m including tools and resources along the way to help you put what you learn to work in your life.

      So when the day sends a test your way you can protect your energy in the moment.

      Designed to revive your energy in just 5 steps!

      For more peace with more ease and much faster than you think!