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Unique intuitive coaching that supports clarity in your life, emotional wellbeing and fulfillment, and realizing your dreams

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Change Your Inner World and Your Outer World Will Follow

The Energy Rapport™ Coaching journey supports you in being the best version of yourself. It starts by getting to know and understand “you” in a deeper, enlightening way.

We’ll follow a simple yet profound process combining strategic coaching, inner discovery and healing, and your personal energetics to strengthen your connection with your intuition and inner wisdom. Your inner world is a natural yet powerful part of you that’s here to help, and when you know how to engage with it you become your happiest and best you.

When you have the right inner support and tools to use in the moment, you’ll experience the restoring of your inner world to its natural, aligned and balanced state. And it’s in this state where the magic happens, where you’re no longer struggling; instead, you’re thriving, empowered and full of joy.

What Is Energy Rapport™ Coaching?

Personalized & Convenient Virtual Sessions

We meet for 90 minutes per session via Zoom, either weekly or biweekly as determined during your Complimentary Insight Coaching Session, making progress toward your desired outcomes and goals. Zoom video is best although phone only using zoom is also an option. You’ll need a quiet, undisturbed space in your home or office and a good internet connection. My clients appreciate the convenience of virtual sessions so they can quickly and easily return to their busy lives without unnecessary stress, traffic or wasted time.  

Each person’s  experience and results are unique and the number of sessions can vary. I offer single sessions, value 3 packs and value 6 packs to meet various needs. The specifics including your investment for session options are discussed during your Complimentary Insight Coaching Session.

Emotional Empowerment and Resilience Building

Emotion, or e-motion which is energy in motion, is energy that moves through your body. You run into problems if you suppress your emotions, hide your feelings, pretend they’re something else or that you don’t have them at all  (like saying “No, I’m not mad”, and denying your anger until one day you explode in rage). 

That emotional energy can get stuck and lead to mental and emotional, and even physical, challenges and ailments including overactive and repetitive emotional states.  With Energy Rapport™ Coaching we view emotions as signals telling your body and you what action to take or not take. You’ll learn how to listen to them and work with them mindfully and bring balance to any emotions that need it. 

You’ll also learn other resilience-building strategies to quickly bounce back from adversity, setbacks and stressors. When you have these invaluable skills to swiftly work through challenges in the moment, your confidence will skyrocket as well.

Trauma and Root-Cause Healing

Inner discovery journeys and healing are an important part of your Energy Rapport™ Coaching sessions.

In a supportive and easy way, we’ll utilize your inner wisdom and resources to get to the deeper root cause of your troubles, what’s keeping you from your highest potential and realizing your dreams. 

Accessing and leveraging resources in your inner world, which  includes your unconscious, subconscious and superconscious minds, allows for deep root-cause healing and radical results. Part of this process includes finding and clearing hidden obstacles, patterns, programs, agreements and contracts; limiting beliefs, unhelpful energies; and stuck emotions.

We’ll also bring healing to and reintegrate any disconnected inner parts and wounded aspects (like wounded child(ren) or sub-personalities) to resolve related issues and bring you back to your inherent wholeness.

Mind-Body and Coaching Tools and Techniques

As your  mind and body are reconnected and communicating effectively with each other, profound inner and outer changes occur.

You’ll learn mind-body (somatic or embodiment) and other coaching tools and techniques for deep healing and lasting transformation.

Use the ones most effective for you in the moment in your day to day life to calm, stabilize and strengthen your energy system, a.k.a. your nervous system.

Energy Alignment, Intuition Strengthening & Inspired Action Taking

The Energy Rapport™ mission is to connect people to their energy and intuition in order for them to easily utilize their inner wisdom, help them heal deeply, replace their struggling with empowerment and joy, and thrive personally and professionally.

Energy alignment is that natural and calm state where you have peace of mind, clarity and focus. You’ll learn ways to get into alignment easily and quickly when you need it most, especially before making important decisions, strategizing and taking action. 

Intuition strengthening happens naturally in sessions, and we’ll also cover ways to tap into and trust that helpful inner signal more often so that you’re taking inspired action. A strong intuitive muscle is a big confidence booster and empowers you to step into your true potential.

How Do I Know If Energy Rapport™ Coaching Is Best For Me?

Not every solution is best for everyone, that’s why there are so many options in the personal growth and development space.

To help you get closer to a decision about getting started with Energy Rapport™ Coaching, here are some typical qualities and desires I see in my clients as we begin working together.

Do any of these sound like you?

You’re smart, ambitious, driven and hard-working, but you tend to overwork, stress out and get irritated at others and you'd like to find some balance and stability within yourself.

You’re a highly empathic person who is sensitive to the emotions of others and now it’s negatively impacting your health, wellbeing and life activities. You’re looking for strategies and techniques to create boundaries and protect yourself while still tapping into and using all the great qualities and benefits your empathic sensitivity provides.

You have meaningful goals and dreams for your life, but when you approach them something happens that feels like an internal battle, like some inner part of you is resisting what’s best for you and keeping you stuck. You want to find and heal the root cause that’s keeping you from realizing your goals and dreams.

You’ve had chronic pain, illness or other struggles for months or even years with little to no improvement despite “trying everything” to feel better, and you suspect there’s a deeper inner cause to heal.

You want to feel better (physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and/or spiritually) and prevent or reverse burnout.

You experience stress, anxiety or overwhelming emotions on a regular basis and are mentally exhausted most days. You’d like a way to work with your emotions so they help and energize you.

You're motivated, willing and able to devote the time and investment into inner exploration and personal development. This is important to you.

If you’re ready & willing to embrace the positive benefits of Energy Rapport™ Coaching & start feeling better and stronger from the inside out, let’s begin this exciting journey now!

How To Get Started With Coaching

Schedule a Complimentary Insight Coaching Session

Click the button below to be led to my calendar to find a convenient time for your 20 minute complimentary insight coaching session via zoom.  You’ll gain clarity on the core issues holding you back and set the stage for profound healing and personal transformation as we explore working together. A customized energy evaluation is included too. 


Complete the Brief Pre-Session Questionnaire

To make the most of your insight coaching session, complete the brief pre-session questionnaire you’ll receive via email at least 24 hours before your scheduled session. It will give you an opportunity to get focused and clear on what’s not currently working for you in your life and what you’d rather have more of: your true desires and goals.  We’ll revisit it during the session. 

Attend Your Insight Coaching Session

During your coaching session you’ll gain greater insight into your specific challenges and the underlying causes keeping you stuck. I’ll share and explain your personalized energy evaluation and how it connects to what’s showing up in your life. And we’ll determine your next best steps toward achieving your desires and goals, and how Energy Rapport™ Coaching can support you in having a more peaceful, productive and happier life. 

“I knew before I left my job as Vice President of Complex Clinical Operations that I needed to redesign my life. Kathy’s background in the corporate space attracted me to her. I liked her no-nonsense approach. We jumped right in and started work with energy balancing, emotion clearing and inner journeys. Kathy knew I was curious about learning these techniques so not only did she "treat" me, but she taught me, and I learned how to listen and trust my instincts. This skill is how I make my way through life now. The answer I get is truly mine. It is not burdened with worry or guilt. It is just what I know to be true.”

Melissa Covert, Owner of Collective Caring


“I'd never worked with a coach professionally before. Kathy and I met weekly and her skills in Strategy Planning as well as Coaching were a big help keeping me on track and evolving my plan as we talked more and more. I learned a lot and I continue to leverage those lessons in my life!”

Jason Riley, Scrum Master

“Kathy is masterfully juggling a heck of a combo - the gentle healing energy work and the solid structure of life Coaching. It’s in this contrast and complementarity where the satisfaction of a healing encounter with Kathy resides. The sessions will leave you peaceful and lighter, with a feeling of safety, and mostly, with clarity.”

Liudmila Matei, Founder & Director of Cocoon Factor

My Approach

My approach is to meet you where you are and help you feel supported along the way. Everyone is unique with different challenges, needs and desires so I’ve sharpened my ability to customize my services for each client. That’s why I offer 3 main services:

Energy Rapport™ Coaching,

Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions and

“The Haven” Community for group experiences

You may be ready to jump right into coaching and the inner transformational work you’ll be doing, providing profound results. Or you may be in a place in your life where you need a more receptive and less active way to start feeling better; right now you’d get overwhelmed by adding coaching goals and home practices to your busy daily schedule, although you may be ready for that in the near future. Or maybe you’re already working with a therapist, coach, doctor or other professional and want to complement that work with Energy Rapport™ Integration & Vitality Sessions or “The Haven” community; they’re a great addition and can enhance your current healing or personal development journey.

One of my favorite things about my work is sharing the intuitive guidance and information from the energetics of a session to provide awareness, clarity, and a strengthening of your own intuition. This beneficial info helps you “connect the dots” – to understand your healing journey on a conscious level so that you can support it in the choices and next steps you’ll take toward more freedom and joy in your day to day life.

“You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.” 

– Wayne Dyer

Live Intentionally

Do you want to feel less stress and overwhelm, and more calm, productive and happy on a regular basis?

Start by setting intentions: stating or thinking how you intend something to “be” in your present life experience. For example, at the beginning of client sessions I set an intention to be useful and supportive in the best way possible for my client, for their highest and greatest good.

Setting an intention helps you align your thoughts and feelings with your deepest held values in the ever changing present. It keeps you focused and pointed in the direction you want to go.

You can think of living intentionally as following your purpose and allowing your desired dreams and goals to line up and easily manifest.

in the meantime, want an easy and effective approach to start feeling better, working better and getting better results quickly?

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