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You're in Burnout Phase 1: The Honeymoon Phase

What the Honeymoon Phase Means

In this initial phase, you may feel enthusiastic, driven, and fully committed to your work or responsibilities. You may be highly motivated and willing to go the extra mile.

You willingly invest long hours, take on additional responsibilities and display an overall positive outlook. However, the excessive workload and relentless pressure may begin to gradually take a toll. And you may also start to neglect self-care and personal boundaries, as you become increasingly absorbed by your commitments.

*Please note that this quiz is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a self-assessment so that you can assess the severity of your burnout and take the next best step to help heal your burnout.

Your Next Steps

Here are some next steps you can take:

1. Read the emails I’ll send you periodically with insightful advice on maintaining balance in your life and career, on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

2. Check out my blog with even more tips and info about how to prevent burnout or heal from it if it becomes a bigger problem for you. Click “Read the blog” below.

3. Book an Energy Rapport™ Healing Session to relieve the stress that may be building up in the Honeymoon phase. Commonly reported benefits of energy healing include: increases energy, relaxes the body and mind, soothes anxiety and distress, reduces overthinking and worry, promotes a focused, peaceful and positive outlook, and it supports your natural self-healing processes.

Energy Healing benefits your overall health, is an excellent form of preventative care, and can help support your journey to wellness if you experience stress, anxiety, headaches, muscle or joint pain, chronic illness, poor sleep, tension or other challenges.


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