Ever wondered what energy healing or Reiki is like? What will it feel like? How will it work?

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing everyone can benefit from. These types of energy-healing practices can help balance and comfort you, which we can all use with the pressures, stressors and needs of everything around us.

And, did you know you can benefit from energy healing work Reiki virtually? Yep!

Today I’d like to share a brief experience so you can see how quickly you can shift your energy and feel relaxation in your body. This is something you can do anytime of the day whenever you need it.

You may even experience this energy in the form of sensations like heat or tingling as you listen. Or you may feel nothing at all, just deeply relaxed.

So get comfortable and when you’re ready, click play to begin.

I hope you’re feeling a deeper sense of relaxation and you’re ready to transition with ease into your next activity of the day after watching. 

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